G.U.Technologies Inc.



Simple, fast and easy to use dApps compliant tabbed web browser for desktop and mobile.
It is a safe and secure way to use the Internet, with an emphasis on ad blocking and privacy protection.

lab_product_wallet 1

Ethereum wallet with dApps support.
Google Chrome™ extension version.
User freindly UI, supports account switching.
Can use ERC20 compatible tokens.

lab_product_bcc 1

A first in Japan.
Building a blockchain infrastructure in three easy steps
"Easy and low-cost initial installation for anyone.
Ethereum-compatible blockchain cloud service with functions and security that can be used in the enterprise domain.
Ethereum compatible blockchain construction cloud service.

lab_product_gunet_ja 1

Operation of a leading information dissemination website for the purpose of promoting blockchain technology.
Provides information on Ethereum, NFT, DeFi, and other cryptocurrencies.
G.U. Sandbox Chain, which allows users to experience dApps.