Japan's first. Building a blockchain infrastructure in three easy steps

~ Also released Sandbox Chain, a free to use blockchain development experience ~

(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daimei Inaba, CTO:Hidekazu Kondo), a provider of browser technologies such as Lunascape and Ethereum-compatible wallets, announced the official release of "G.U. Blockchain Cloud," Japan's first Ethereum-compatible blockchain cloud service with features and security that can be used in the enterprise domain, on August 10, 2021. (https://www.bccloud.net/)



When developing a system using the Ethereum blockchain, the options are to use a public blockchain, or to build your own chain, called a side chain or private chain. Building your own chain is a good option, especially if you are concerned about transaction speed, anonymity, trade confidentiality, and availability.

However, if you want to develop a system using your own blockchain, you need rare blockchain engineers and advanced blockchain knowledge in the market. G.U.Blockchain Cloud was developed to solve these problems by providing a cloud service that enables anyone to build an Ethereum-compatible blockchain, which is becoming the world's standard blockchain development infrastructure, easily and at low cost.

By issuing ERC20 tokens (currency tokens) or ERC721 tokens (NFT) on the established blockchain, you can immediately start issuing your own points or developing NFT-related systems. The issued ERC20 tokens can be used immediately in Ethereum compatible wallets such as Lunascape Wallet. We also plan to provide anchoring technology for public chains to ensure auditability of private chains, and cross-chain technology for cross-chain value exchange. By using these technologies, it will be possible to build a private chain that is fast, anonymous, auditable, and highly secure.

In the future, we also plan to support public chains and add functionality to the Endpoint service for public chains.

Expected use cases

The Ethereum blockchain is a new infrastructure that functions as an operating system with an advanced distributed database and smart contracts. The Ethereum blockchain private chain can be used to build systems very easily and inexpensively for the following use cases

The Ethereum blockchain private chain can be used for the following use cases very easily and inexpensively:

  • Building a foundation for NFT
  • Stablecoins (managing the issuance of company-specific and internal points)
  • Construction of a system that requires auditability
  • Construction of its own money transfer system between companies
  • Building an infrastructure for DeFi (distributed finance)
  • Building a digital license management system
  • Management of sales and purchases of art and artworks in the entertainment industry
  • Building a system to improve the transparency of music copyright management
  • Building a platform for the management of real estate sales and purchases
  • Management of local currency issuance
  • Management of traceability for raw material procurement and food trust  improvement
  • Sharing and storage management of medical and health data
  • Building an information sharing infrastructure for disasters
  • Management and distribution of various types of aid and donations

3 Features of G.U. Blockchain Cloud Feature

Feature 1:  Easy initial introduction for anyone

With a little learning, anyone can start using blockchain in 3 simple steps.
It is also possible to immediately build a chain with high performance and security for operation in a production environment.

Feature 2:  Operability and full support after introduction

The user-friendly UI/UX allows anyone to easily and graphically check a variety of information. In addition to post-installation support, we provide a full range of solutions and support for blockchain business and development.

Feature 3:  Achieve Low cost

It is possible to build an operational blockchain at the extremely low price of $49~ for a small node. It is possible to build and operate a blockchain for about $558/month for a standard development configuration, and about $1,000/month for a production environment.

We have set this price range with the expectation that anyone can start blockchain operation and development, and we want you to start blockchain operation as a test operation of NFT, the first idea for new business development, or as part of DX reform. We hope you will try G.U. Blockchain Cloud.(https://www.bccloud.net/plan/

Providing G.U. Sandbox Chain, an easy blockchain development experience

The G.U. Sandbox Chain is a free token that allows developers interested in blockchain development to experience it for a limited time. In addition to the blockchain status, we aimed for a thoroughly user-friendly UI/UX that allows you to easily and graphically check various information such as server CPU, memory, storage, number of peers, and node logs. Please take this opportunity to experience.(https://gu.net/)


Although there have been several similar Testnets in the world, there is no such sandbox chain in Japan, and almost no information is available in Japanese, making it very difficult for Japanese engineers to use. In order to spread blockchain technology in Japan, we will continue to actively work on infrastructure that can be used in Japanese and dispatchinformation in Japanese.