Lunascape Mobile Ver.14 Official Release: A Web Browser with full Web3 Compatibility and Enhanced UI and Advanced Features

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G.U.Group, Inc. (Headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo; Directors Hidekazu Kondo and Daimei Inaba), known for its expertise in web3 solutions and management of blockchain consortium of Japan Open Chain, is excited to announce the launch of 'Lunascape Mobile Ver.14.' This innovative smartphone browser app is tailored for the web3 era, featuring a significantly revamped user interface and a suite of new features, including an integrated web3 wallet.

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◽️ Overview

Lunascape, a versatile web browser compatible with both desktop and smartphone platforms, is renowned for its safety, speed, and multifunctionality. Developed in Japan and utilized for over 20 years, Lunascape has garnered a user base exceeding 20 million, reflecting its enduring popularity and technological reliability.

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Since its release in 2001, Lunascape has emerged as the world's first tab browser, rapidly gaining popularity for its pioneering features. The browser places a strong emphasis on high-speed performance, robust security, and stringent privacy protection. 
Currently, Lunascape distinguishes itself with a suite of unique functions, including global standard ad-blocking, intuitive slide tab browsing, a comprehensive news reader, flick gestures, and customizable user agents. Committed to evolving as a vital part of daily life infrastructure, Lunascape is regularly updated to augment the user experience across a diverse range of web services.
In its latest update, Lunascape has unveiled its most substantial redesign in five years, focusing on enhanced design and usability. A key addition to this version is the integration of the "Lunascape Wallet," a feature marking the browser's entry into the web3 space. 
This wallet is compatible with Ethereum-based blockchains, including Japan Open Chain, and supports a growing array of web3 wallet-compatible web applications. Notably, it enables direct use of platforms like Uniswap, simplifying the user experience.

G.U.Group, along with G.U.Technologies Co., Ltd., which specializes in the development and provision of web3 infrastructure, is committed to delivering web3 service infrastructures that are easily accessible and user-friendly for the general public. 

◽️ New Features of Lunascape mobile Ver.14

1. Major User Interface Redesign

The entire design of Lunascape has been extensively redesigned. Enhancements include an upgraded dashboard for increased functionality and the adoption of a half-modal UI across the platform, optimizing it for mobile use. Enhancements such as displaying Favicons on tabs have been implemented to improve visibility, thereby enhancing overall usability.


2. Featuring the Lunascape Wallet, fully compatible with web3 websites.

In recent years, the web3 domain, empowered by novel authentication and payment methods through blockchain and cryptocurrencies, has seen rapid growth. Web3 websites are pioneering new services through decentralized applications (DApps), cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. However, the complexity of using these sites with standard web browsers has posed a challenge. It often requires the separate installation of cryptocurrency wallet apps and intricate operations, creating a barrier for the average user.

Responding to this challenge, we have developed the "Lunascape Wallet." This feature integrates a web3 wallet directly into the Lunascape browser, with the goal of delivering a smoother web3 experience. This integration simplifies access to platforms such as Uniswap and various NFT trading sites, making it easier for users to engage with web3 compatible DApps and web applications.


3.Additional Functional Enhancements and Updates


Improvement of theAd-Blocking Feature

Enhancements include improved blocking of banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads on platforms such as YouTube. This strengthened ad-blocking capability not only enhances the browsing experience but also reduces the power consumption of smartphones when the ad-block feature is enabled.


Featuring a Search Engine Selector

The search bar functionality has been significantly improved, offering a more user-friendly way to choose from a variety of search engines. This enhancement allows users to effortlessly select their preferred search engine and ensure you receive the most relevant search results.


Background Playback of YouTube Videos (iOS)

The Picture in Picture feature enables continuous audio and video playback on a smartphone, even while using different apps. This function allows users to enjoy videos and audio seamlessly even when they are checking emails, browsing the web, creating documents, or engaging in other activities.



◽️ Join Our NFT Giveaway Campaign!

To celebrate the release of our application, we are excited to announce an NFT distribution campaign running until the end of February. App users interested in obtaining an exclusive NFT can easily do so by installing Lunascape Mobile and accessing the campaign through the top banner in the app. Simply click on the "Get NFT" button to receive a unique Lunascape original NFT, issued on Japan Open Chain.

This campaign is designed to provide users with a firsthand experience of web3, including the acquisition of an NFT. We are also planning subsequent phases of this campaign and are considering offering additional benefits to those who acquire the NFT.

◽️ About Japan Open Chain

Japan Open Chain (JOC) is an Ethereum-compatible public chain managed by a consortium of prominent Japanese companies in adherence to Japanese law. This blockchain infrastructure, originating from Japan, is designed to address issues related to the complexity and credibility of blockchain technology, with the aim of fostering a more robust web3 environment. Our native token is called 'JOC', and we are giving away 1 JOC token for free via Japan Open Chain’s website. In addition to this, we plan to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) through officially registered domestic cryptocurrency exchange operators under the Financial Services Agency in the fiscal year 2024. Subsequently,  JOC tokens are planned to be purchasable on various cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.

Japan Open Chain is also initiating special campaigns, including NFT distribution, in preparation for the upcoming IEO. To receive the latest updates and information, please follow the Japan Open Chain X account.

▶︎X (Twitter) Official Account:


Japan Open Chain stands out as an ideal solution for business applications, with a strong emphasis on both legal and technical practicality. It is managed by a consortium of prominent Japanese companies, including Sony Group, Dentsu, NTT, TIS, and others. This blockchain infrastructure is designed to be fully compatible with Ethereum, making it globally accessible. It offers a safe, secure, and cost-efficient solution, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the financial and business sectors.

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◽️ About G.U.Group

G.U.Group encompasses a collective of companies, including  Japan Blockchain Foundation Co., Ltd., which operates and manages the consortium for 'Japan Open Chain', a public chain ideal for web3 business applications. It also includes G.U.Technologies Inc., specializing in solutions for the stablecoin and NFT business sectors, and its parent company, G.U.Group Inc. Together, as a unified entity, we are dedicated to developing and providing safe, secure, and user-friendly solutions to businesses at an affordable cost, aimed at promoting the societal implementation of blockchain technology.

【Company Overview】

Company  :G.U.Group, Inc.
Location :Cerulean Tower 15th Floor, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President   :Hidekazu Kondo, Daimei Inaba
Established:April, 2018
URL      :
Business Activities: web3 wallet development, web3 browser development, blockchain-related research.
Related Companies: Japan Blockchain Foundation Co., Ltd.,  G.U.Technologies Inc.